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What is Ask An ECE?

I have been searching for years for a place where child care workers could come together to share ideas, ask questions and get straightforward, honest answers from people who had been there before and understand. Child care is an interesting world we work in and really isn’t like most other jobs. It’s not your standard 9-5. We take home our problems and our friends and neighbours ask our advice on child care matters on weekends and holidays. It’s a lifestyle. We are constantly “in daycare mode”. Our kids see us at the mall and are shocked we do not live at the daycare centre. Oh, and we call them “our” kids. People think I am crazy when I say I have 22 kids. I celebrate 22 birthdays, kiss 22 sets of booboo’s, tie 44 shoes many times a day, keep track of 22 hats/coats etc., celebrate hundreds of loose teeth, and potty train close to 20 kids a year. Let’s see the VP of finance do that!

We do it because we love it and the rewards may not be monetary (we certainly didn’t go into the field for the pay cheque!), but the hugs and love we get is more than enough. So, welcome to AskanECE, join now and be a part of our community. No one said our job was easy, but we’re here to help any way we can.

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Valentine's Day Crafts

My three year old is super crafty and since I am off on mat leave, she does crafts A LOT lately. She wanted to make valentine's for her friends. I actually had found her a template, but she had a better idea.
You will need: construction paper, scissors, tape, lollipop, google eyes and glue. (I also had to get a heart shaped cookie cutter as neither of us could free hand a good heart.)
Glue google eyes to sucker. Draw two hearts and cut out. Glue heart tips together. Tape sucker to the hearts as the "body/head". Write your holiday greeting.

Mother's Day Crafts *update 2010*

I found this great alternative to the classic tissue paper flower. Kaboose is an awesome site for crafts for the early school-age set. A little more difficult then the typical preschooler crafts, but easy enough they can do on their own.

Check out: http://crafts.kaboose.com/tissue-paper-carnations.html

Tissue Paper Carnations

What you'll need:

* Pink, green, and white tissue paper
* Chenille stems
* Scissors

How to make it:

1. Layer three to four sheets of pink tissue paper together then cut them into 4-5” wide strips that are 12” long.
2. Cut about 1.5” off the end of a chenille stem and set aside.
3. Take the remaining piece of the chenille stem and lay about 2” of it onto the tissue paper and roll up (starting at the short end) around the chenille.
4. Once completely rolled up, take the short piece of chenille that you cut off earlier and twist it around the bottom of the tissue paper to hold it in place.
5. Use scissors to cut 2-3” long slits down from the top of the rolled tissue paper. Continue around until all strips are cut.
6. Roll up a 6”x2” piece of green tissue paper and place at the top of the flower stem.
7. Grab the bottom of the stem and bring it up and over the green tissue paper and twist tight. These are the flower’s leaves.
8. Repeat, making several different flowers, then combine the stems to make a bouquet.
9. Twist the stem of any one of the flowers around the rest of the stems to hold them all together.
10. Place them in a vase and use them as a table centerpiece.

It's been a while since we've had an update, but today we have a couple of Mother's Day crafts, and a cute song for the kids to sing.

Christmas Crafts

Here are two great Christmas themed crafts for Toddlers, and one for Preschoolers.

Remembrance Day Activities

Here's a few simple crafts that should be good for all age groups, to celebrate Rememberance Day.

Halloween crafts

You asked, we answered! Here are more Halloween crafts for your little witches and goblins (or princesses and spidermen) to help decorate your classroom.

Pasta Skeletons

Materials: Different shaped pasta, glue, black construction paper.

Tie in your science discussion on the human body with some spooky crafts. Simply let the children use the pasta as bones and create their own skeleton.Older children may choose to paint the pasta white beforehand, but either way makes a nice contrast to the black paper.