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Outdoor play in cold weather I have worked in a few schools with children 2.5 to 6 years of age, and each had a different policy on deciding when children were to be kept in at recess. In Winnipeg where I first lived we went out in all temperatures, but when I taught in Philadelphia the children were kept in whenever the temperature was below 50f or 10 celcius. I read that in Ontario children were to be kept in when the temperature was below -25 wind chill, but others advise me that at the ECE level the limit is a wind chill of-15. If someone can post the accurate temperature or wind chill and applicable ages for GTA schools I think it would be very helpful to readers, because I tend to get different answers from each teacher I have spoken with. Thank you
I am an ECA and want to upgrade to an Ece.Mothercraft college is offering bridging ece in 14 months.After reading through these posts I found about Loyalist college online (ece). I want to know which will be a better option .Training in class is more recognized than online.? Thanks and regards. Aisha.

Online college diplomas still require field placements and in my experience are evaluated equally by employers.

I am working in a Daycare as a supervisor level 3 in Alberta province, I had my qualifications assessed by Alberta Govt. from India my home country where I had worked as primary teacher for 10 years. I want to know the process I have to go through if I decide to shift and work in a daycare in Toronto ?

You would need to apply for ministry approval through the college of ECEs.

Hi, I want to take the ECE program in September it's what I've wanted to take since my early teens but one thing that's got me wondering is I have a youth criminal record from when I was 15 and when I contacted the police station here was told that the venerable sector check will show I have a sealed youth record but won't say what it is and I'm worried this May stop me from doing the placements and getting a job after school so I guess I wanted to see if people with experience would know if this will cause problems?

It is up to each employer and placement if they will accept you without a clear criminal reference check. I would be open and forthcoming with the information. However, it could potentially be a barrier to placements and employment.

I am looking at opening a childcare centre and wanted to know if anybody knows an architect familiar with the DNA to plan the layout?

It would be helpful to know where you are writing from. However, any architect should be able to take the regulations you give them and design something suitable.

I'm ECA and I would like to become ECE whats better George Brown or Mothercraft I heard that George Brown takes 2 years full time to get Ece e mothercraft 1 year is that true??

George Brown is an accredited college and it's 2 year diploma program will grant you an ECE diploma. Mothercraft is an intensive program going August to August. Both will get you on the path to RECE, it just depends if you are willing to go to school 12 months straight/intensive.

What is ece

ECE stands for Early Childhood Education/Educator.

Hi, I had a telephone interview yesterday, and the job required for me to have 6 credit hours in Early Childhood Education. The recruitment manager asked to see a copy of my unofficial transcripts and she stated that I did not have enough credits. I received an A in ECE Infant/Toddler Experiences, A B in Hist& Phil Fndtns of ECE, and a D in CNTMP SRVY Child Development ECE. Is she correct? She stated that if I see an error to like her know. Also, I received three certificates that my job sent me on one for "Active Teaching," CDA Area: 6, Hours, 2. The next one "Dealing with Unexplained Crying," CDA Area: 3, Hours, 2 (CDA 3), both from Illinois Action for Children, and the last one came from my previous boss "Essentials of Developmentally Appropriate Practice," 2 hours training. Thank you.

I can only speak to education in Ontario. However, I doubt any workshops your employer sent you to woudl count as credit hours as they are not at the college level. If they were looking for credit hours in classes with a placement, it is unlikely that your credits hours for history and philosophy would count. Employers can basically place any requirements they want on a position.

I am taking the loyalist college ECE distance diploma in Sept. 2013. Just wondering if I can apply to the college of ECE's after I am done that and if it is approved by the ministry? Does it take 2 years to complete? Thank you

The Loyalist ECE program is the same as any other 2 year college ECE program. Once you graduate, you will apply to teh College of ECEs to become a registered ECE.

Hi, I am currently in the process of interviewing and hiring for my new child care centre in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The positions that I am hiring for are 1.RECE, 2.ECA 3.Cook. The most common question that I am getting is how much the salary is for these positions. So my question is: What is the average salary for ECEs, ECAs and Cooks working in licensed daycare centres in York Region?

I am located in Durham Region and the salaries vary greatly. Your best option would be to contact Umbrella Services. They conduct a survey annually of all areas in the GTA with regards to salary, fees, rent etc for child care.

Hello, is this website still running?

It is. Feel free to scan the articles or post in the forum.

I'd like to become an ECE and am considering Loyalist College online diploma program. Wondering if there is anyone on this site who had gone this route for their diploma.

I received my diploma from Loyalist College. It was a wonderful experience. Having jut graduated university with a lot of student debt, I appreciated being able to work in the field both to gain experience and to pay the bills while I was earning my diploma. The professor support was wonderful and the admin process was very easy despite having to go through transferring credits from Seneca and applying for advanced standing based on university credits.

If I am able to get director's approval to stand in place of a ECE through years of experience (but I don't hold the ECE degree/diploma), would I be eligible to register with the college of ECE?

I believe you can not be an RECE with the College unless you have a diploma. My staff that were students and had Ministry Approval to be the ECE in the room while they were going to school, were not eligible to join the College of ECEs until they could provide proof of graduation.

Hi, Please, I need somebody's experience with this matter. I am interested in applying for the ECE diploma on-line.I did some shopping around and I ended up with having two choices. It is either Durham college or Loyalist? I don't know which one is better. I like the fact that with Loyalist you don't have to write your exams in person. You can do them on line, too.However, Durham is a little closer to me.Also, which one does provide the diploma at a lower cost? Can somebody help me with that? Thank you so much in advance.

I can not speak to the costs, I did my diploma over 10 years ago. I went to Loyalist and loved that I could do everything from home. Very convenient for me. I found them to be cheaper then Seneca at the time, but that is the only comparison I had.

Hi, I plan to work in settings such as hopsitals or daycares etc. I have been accepted into GEORGE BROWN and HUMBER COLLEGE to complete my ECE 2 year diploma. My questions for today are 1. Which of both school is more recognized for ECE/ better chances to obtain a job position faster? 2. I plan to recieve my postgraduate in ECE- advanced studies in special needs, do you think having this certificate will benefit me when applying for jobs etc? 3. What would be my average starting salary for an ECE? I'm going to be paying off my student loans after i graduate.

I do not believe either institution will affect the speed in which you get a job. Your interview will show the supervisor what you are capable of.

Having post graduate certificates can never hurt your chances to get a job. I think that certificate opens a few more doors for areas in which you can work.

Wages vary greatly and depend on a number of variables: Location, profit/non-profit, position you are applying for, size of the centre, experience etc. I know ECEs who make $11.25, my centre paid $13, I know ECEs in Toronto making $22/hr. Those are all in licensed child care centres. ECEs in schools are paid much better in comparison, but only work 10 months a year.

Good luck!

(1)I am working in a day care center in before and after school program in York region, 2 hr in morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. Now the supervisor asked me to work in (another location) day care center for 3 hours just before the after school program; that means 3 hr in day care and 3 hours in after school program in a roll . There are no resting hour in between, only the travelling time in between. Am I entitled to the split shift premium since my morning shift was cut? (2) sometime I need to attend the morning shift plus day care center for 2 hours (in another location) plus afternoon shift. Am I entitled to the shift premium for 2 times.( one for the split and one for the location shift)? (3)Is there an Act in York region to comply with for the split shift premium for ECE or ECA? I tried to look for it , but I could not find it.

Pay is up to your employer. Many centres do not pay a split premium at all. As long as pay complies with the labour laws, they can pay you however they want.

I worked splits for a long time prior to becoming a supervisor. In one place all ECE's made the same regardless of shift. In another, the school age staff were paid a flat 6 hours a day, even though we only worked 2 hours in the AM and 3 in the PM. In another, school age staff made a slightly higher wage, but it was in lieu of vacation and benefits as we were the only part time staff.

If you have concerns, definitely speak with your supervisor or HR at your company.

Good luck!

Hi! I am a Canadian citizen currently based in Manila who has been teaching preschool since 2001 (so about 8 years actively teaching 1.2yr olds-5 yr olds) and now with 3 years experience as an Early Intervention Special Education Teacher. My undergraduate degree is a non-education course though i have taken Educational units as a precursor to my Masters.I am currently finishing my Masters in Special Education and wanted to ask where i can find details how to be eligible to apply and practice in Toronto, Ontario either as a Early Childhood Teacher or Early Intervention educator? Would appreciate any info and tips that you could provide since i am planning to move back to Toronto. Mina Calupitan

You will need to apply to the College of ECEs to become a member to work as an RECE in Ontario. They will evaluate your education and experience and see if you qualify for equivalency.

Here is the link for the criteria and the application. It does take a number of weeks, so if you want to start job searching when you arrive back in Ontario, I would suggest doing this before you move.


Good luck!

Hi. I asked a few questions few months ago about a daycare that I used to work at. It was in an old elementary building that was closed 5 years ago. I recently found out that it was closed because of a mold issue. The building was given to the town's borough and the borough has been having a hard time paying the bills each month so they are renting space out to various businesses. Last year, a fitness center opened up in the basement. There was an article in local newspaper by owner of the fitness center that said he had to have whole floor ripped out because of all the water damage in the building and install a new one. There was also a historical society museum put on 1st floor but an article was put in local newspaper by the director of museum that it couldn't open on the date it was suppose to because of all the water damage on part of 2nd floor. They couldn't fix it because the borough didn't have the money so the historical society museum is alot smaller than expected because part of 2nd floor was closed off due to all the water damage. Some of the town's monthly meeting summaries are on the Internet and in 2010 the borough discussed that it would cost them $40,000.00 to fix all the water damage in the building. They never fixed it but in October of 2012 they discussed that they could try to fix the building as long as it didn't exceed $5,000.00 but no work has been done. The daycare center is on 3rd floor and had a very fast inspection by the state because its a municipal building. Where we live elementary schools aren't inspected unless there's a problem. That's why the building shut down was because I think the school district was getting questioned about it. There were 3 elementary building that belonged to the district and they were all shut down in 2006 because of mold and a new building was built. Of course, the district tried to keep it quiet. The state did a very fast inspection because it is now a municipal building so the state went by the code officer and the municipal codes. The code officer and fire chief are on the borough council and will do anything to get business in there for the rent money to keep the building going. They aren't professionals and don't understand the danger of children being around so much mold. If there is water damage in basement and on 1st floor then it has to be on the 2nd where daycare center is. There was article in newspaper that before the daycare center was opened, the borough painted the walls and put carpeting down that was all that was done to that floor. In June of last year was when the owner of the daycare center inquired about renting space for the center and in August it opened. I don't understand how these ppl can put children in this dangerous situation just for money. There is so much proof that there is extensive water damage in that building --- there's the newspaper articles and there is also an article in newspaper that it would cost too much money to bring building up to code and that's why a new school was built, and there's the borough council minutes on the Internet. I live in Pa and it is a very small oppressed area that is poor. Is there anything that can be done! I'm very sorry this is so long but I'm really upset for these children. Please can u help me !

We are based in Ontario, Canada and our process sounds very different. We have a number of steps to open a daycare and I find it highly unlikely that building, in that condition, would have passed the required inspections to open.

That being said, is there a health department you can report them to? That is who would have denied the license if someone applied under the same circumstances in Ontario.

Hello, I am a trained elementary school teacher (4 year english degree from an ontario university and graduate elementary teaching degree from New Zealand). I have experience teaching english as a second language overseas and daycare experience in Canada (early chldhood educational assistant). I am taking early childhood this Fall at Algonquin (1 year accelerated program). I am hoping to get a job with the school board as an ECE (I've never been registered with the Ontario School Board and don't expect to find an elementary teaching job in Canada based on other struggling teachers I know). My question is this: If i want to apply for an ECE position with a school board, do you having my teaching degree would be an asset or a setback? Do you believe it would help my chances of getting an ECE job or would they possibly not want to hire someone with a teaching degree because I'm overqualified or might expect too much pay or whatnot? Would you recommend leaving the teaching degree on my resume or just leave my university degree and the accelerated ece diploma on my resume? Thanks!

Personally I do not know of anyone who was hired with only an ECE diploma. Everyone I know who currently works as an RECE in a FDK classroom also has either a Montessori diploma, a university degree and one has a teaching degree as well as their ECE diploma. However, this could just be a preference in my area.
You worked hard for your education, I wouldn't not include it all. As for being over qualified, if you have never taught in an FDK classroom, you still need that experience regardless of educational background.

in a simple way "what is the ELECT document? how do you describe it for an interview?

Basically, ELECT framework (Early Learning for Every Child Today) describes how young children learn and develop. It is used as a guide for curriculum/programming in early childhood settings such as child care centres and Full Day Kindergarten.

How can I open a babysitting service at home in Ontario? best training etc? Also, is there any 1 year diploma I can do online which can get me a diploma in ECE

Are you looking at babysitting or opening a home child care? Two very different things.

Personally, I think ECE training is the best for opening a home child care centre. I am sure there are lots of great providers without this training, but you asked which training I would recommend.

An ECE diploma is a 2 year diploma. It will take 2 years of full time study to complete (you can save 3 months time by not taking the summer off), unless you already have a degree or diploma that would allow you advanced standing in some courses. There are many colleges that now offer this diploma entirely online.

Hi there, i am an ECE from Pakistan,i have done masters in child development and working with a reputable organization for more than 15 years. i wish to move to Canada and work there as an ECE but dont know how to get a job offer or how to get there? could you please guide me that what should i do?

It depends where you want to move in Canada. I can only attest to steps within Ontario, Canada.
I do not know what steps are required to obtain a work visa etc., however to work as an ECE in Ontario, with an education from outside of Ontario, you need to get Ministry approval or obtain a certificate of equivalency. You must also be a member of the College of Early Childhood Educators to call yourself an ECE.
Her is a link to their website with more information for you:

Hello, I am looking into starting the ECE class on Vancouver island. If possible I would like to take it online as I am working during the day. Is there one that you can recommend? Is the two year class better than the one year class? Do I have to do 500 hours in another facility before I can oppeate out off my house? Do I need to be fully licensed before I accept any children? How many children can I have at one time? Thank you for answering all my questions! :)

We are based out of Ontario, so regulations may be different in BC. We do have ECE courses that can be taken entirely online. In Ontario, to get your ECE you must take the 2 year class, unless you have a diploma or degree in something similar and are accepted into the accelerated program. In Ontario, we do not need your ECE diploma to operate a home child care. However, to earn your diploma you will need to complete your field placement hours. In Ontario we can have 5 children in addition to our own and do not need to be licensed to operate a home care.

Do we have any members in BC who can shed some light on these topics as it pertains to your province?

I have finished my BA at Ryerson University and I'm waiting to graduate in June. Could I work at a daycare without being registered in the CECE?

Is your BA in an area that would warrant applying for Ministry Approval? If you have a child development background, you may apply for approval and could therefore work as a daycare teacher in the classes the Ministry grants you approval for. You can also work as an assistant without being registered in the College.


I am sorry, I do not think this question relates to Early Childhood Education.

Hi there I would like to do te ECE program, but i work fulltime and cannot attend classes, can you please let me know from where i can do the course online. I live in Toronto, ontario. Also, if the 1 yr or 2 yr is best.....please advise me a good college where i can get my ece diploma online. Thank you.

An ECE diploma is a 2 year diploma. You can do it in one year if you have a degree already in a related field and attend a school that has an accelerated program. A number of schools do their ECE diploma entirely online, however the only school I can assess personally is Loyalist College. I did not have to step foot in a classroom, I could take as many or as few classes as I wanted each semester based on how busy I was at work. It was a great experience.
Keep in mind, you will still need to complete placements to graduate. So you will have to take time off work to do these, unless you already work in the child care field.

Hi All, i am new to this forum. i want open day care centre in my home country (India). however i am in toronto for 6 months. i want do course related to day care management here in toronto. Can you please help in finding the course and from where?.

George Brown College has a daycare management program, however you need to have a diploma in Early Childhood Education to take this course and it would take much longer then 6 months to complete.
Sorry I could not be of more help. Has anyone else heard of any other certificate courses that may fit the criteria?

Hi, I am currently undergoing my Diploma in ECE in Singapore and will be graduating soon. I am keen on taking a Degree in ECE overseas and work at cocurrently in a preschool as an asistant teacher. Is it possible? Thnak you.

Good morning,
If you were to, for example, come to Ontario and work here while taking your classes for your degree; You could be an assistant. Currently there are no educational requirements for that position aside from being at least 18, with no criminal record. I can not speak to any legal/immigration issues regarding working overseas however. You may even be able to work as an ECE, if the College of ECEs deemed the diploma from Singapore equivalent to a 2 year diploma from an Ontario college. They could grant you equivalency.
Good luck

What is meant by a Program in an ECE world? What is meant by a Running REcord?Please elaborate. Give an Example of Confidentiality.

Your program is the basis of your day. Which activities you are doing, which books you are reading, which centres are available etc.

A running record is used as an assessment tool. Observations and data are collected ongoing to help the teacher keep track of goals, milestones and the developmental level of each child. These are important during IEP meetings, parent/teacher conferences, room transitions etc.

Basically confidentiality is the agreement that a person/employee etc will not reveal certain information to 3rd parties. In child care, this pertains in particular to not sharing family information with others.

i need a one good ece dept oriented name to choose the name one group ; so please give to me

I am sorry, you are going to have to elaborate. I am not sure what you are asking. Please write back with more information.

Hello, I have a diploma in Child and Youth Work, and would like to also get my ECE diploma. I have been told that with the diploma I already have, I should be able to complete the course in 1 year, rather then 2? I am wondering if you can fast track like this online as I currently have a job and would prefer to take the course by distance? Thank you, I appreciate all knowledge on this subject, and useful information!

Depends on how many classes you take at a time, but it is possible. You would need to apply for advanced standing and the college would look at the courses you have already taken and give you credit for any equivalent courses. If you apply to a college that has a distance education option (most do), you can complete the diploma entirely online. To complete this Diploma in one year, you would likely still need to take 4-5 courses a semester. It would be quite the undertaking if you are working full time as well. You also need to consider you will have to do field placements, which will require up to 16/hours a week, for a few weeks, away from your job each semester. Unless some of your placements for your previous diploma were in a child care centre.

Hi, i am looking into doing the ECE program, to work in a daycare, pre school., govt job etc..I cant go to school for too long, I am looking for a short cpurse in ECE and start working, i love working with kids, if i have not mentioned! So my query is : what is the difference between doing ECE at a community college such as Sheridan College , Humber college, Seneca college? And doing ECE at a private college which is done in less than a year? I have found a school (http://www.montessori-institute.ca/institute.html). Which says montessori ...is there a differnce between montessori or ece? Or its the same? Please let me know. Also, on this montessori institute website has a section for "elementary".... That says working with ages 6-9 yr olds. I thought you needed a university degree to teach with 5 yr+ children? Very confused! Pls help!

Montessori and ECE training are dependent on 2 different teaching philosophies. ECE courses focus on learning through play.
To work in a child care centre you need your ECE diploma and registration in the college of ECEs. This requires a 2 year diploma. The certificates awarded at 1 year career colleges are not considered an equivalent education. At best they will get you an assistant job, which you can technically do without any post secondary education.

I am an international student from Canada I am Studying at college of Marin which is located in San Rafael I want to get my certificate of achievement in early childhood education and was wondering if I get The certificate will I be eligible to work at a daycare in Canada?

You can work as an assistant, however to be an RECE you would have to apply through the College of Early Childhood Educators for equivalency. Unfortunately I do not know enough about the program you are taking to see how it compares to their requirements. It might be worth emailing them and asking if the certificate would get you Ministry approval.

How much does a Ryerson graduate (ECE) potentially earn with a BA.

There are a lot of variables to that situation. Honestly your BA doesn't guarantee you any more salary then someone with a 2 year ECE. To be an RECE, you need the 2 year college diploma, and registration in the college. If an employer chose to pay you more because you had your BA, that would be up to them.

Salaries also vary from Region to Region, centre to centre. In my area $13-16/hour is average for RECE's. However in Toronto, the average is MUCH higher.

The Umbrella Report is a great way to gauge pay scale in the GTa and surrounding 905 area. It is released once a year to companies who choose to participate in the survey. It also offers insight as to vacation pay, sick days, bonuses, fees etc. Very interesting to see averages in the different areas. Your college guidance dept should also have information on average salaries in your field.

How does one open a daycare center? A friend of mine would like to open one, she currently owns and runs a Montessori private school but would like to turn it into a Daycare. Who does she need to get in touch with?What does she need to do to get Certified? She wants to get it up and running as soon as possible? Thanks ,

Assuming you are located in Ontario, here is a great thread on opening a child care centre:

Hi a daycare center just opened up in my area and I was hired to work there. It's in an old elementary school building that was closed 3 years ago and the town bought it and now it is the town's municipal building. The building was built in the early 1900's so it's a really old school. The childcare is on the 3 rd floor. I have been noticing things there that just don't seem right for example there is other businesses in the building. First of all I didn't know that u had to go through a series of steps to open a daycare center in a pre existing building. The owner of the daycare said that she didn't have to go through all the steps cause its a municipal building and all the necessary things were already done like having building inspected, testing for mold or lead, etc. I do believe that she didn't do all the things she was suppose to do cause the building is really old and there was nothing done to it for years. The only that the borough did for her was put carpeting in a few rooms but the borough really needs businesses in there so the rent is paid. Another thing is that the towns police barracks is on the 2nd floor and when someone gets arrested here the police brings them back to the barracks to do paperwork on them and arrest them and then they go to county jail. We have a lot of drug abuse in this area and I don't think it's a smart thing to have children in same building as criminals and all the police ammunition. The center can take 90 children which there's only a few rooms where daycare is. I know the state inspected it but something's wrong here cause I have been looking things up on line and it seems like it could be difficult getting building up to code.There's no way according to what I have been reading and there's proof cause it was in our newspaper that she went to council meeting at end of May to introduce idea and by August she was opened. I don't understand this. I am so scared of fire there cause there is no way the workers are getting all those children down 3 flights of stairs especially infants and toddlers. I really think there's something shady going on. The building is really old and looks it plus there has to be a reason why the elementary school there was closed and a new building built for our elementary school. The woman who owns center seems to do whatever she wants. She has center on Facebook and she is constantly taking pictures of children and posting them all over Facebook and saying how wonderful her daycare is. I really think that's a bad idea to post pictures of someone else's child all over Facebook but she does. There is also an exercising gym on first floor and ppl are constantly in and out of this building. I really need some answers cause I really scared something terrible is going to happen there. Could you please help me? Thank you

It is difficult to offer advice if I do not know where you are located. Now, is it a region run daycare, or privately owned? You would think Municipal buildings would be up to code and since it is inspectors from the municipality coming into inspect the premises prior to opening, and to approve a license, they should be aware of the buildings history and current situation.
My best advise woudl be to go with your gut, if you do not feel comfortable working there, leave. Protect yourself. If you do not feel the children are safe, report the child care centre to the Ministry. This will get them a visit from their program adviser and any shady things will be discovered.
I know a number of centre's that post things on Facebook, as long as the families have signed a waiver allowing their child's picture to be used for advertising etc., it is technically allowed.
Good luck, I hope you are able to find out what is going on and are able to enjoy your career.

If I was operating a small day nursery in Ontario(13 Children) Would I be allowed to have one ECE be in charge of 8 preschoolers and I care for 5 Toddlers if I am not an ECE? The ECE would be in charge of the programing for both groups and the commercial space I would be operating out of would be open concept and divided by a 3-4ft partition wall. We are basically in the same room together. The space is only 720 square ft but it has enough room for 30sqft per child accounting for all of my furnitings, office, washrooms and kitchen. I am just wondering if the Ministry would allow me to have the five on my side of the room even though I am not an ECE. I do have 2yrs experience in daycare, I have my CPR, CRC and not to mention I am a mother of a 4yr old. I am allowed to have 5 without a licence so would I still be able to have five with a licence. Thanks for your help, it is soon hard to get a hold of program advisors and this site has really helped to answer alot of my questions. Thanks again!

You would require a license as soon as your centre goes over 5 children. I do not believe you can get a license with partition walls. I am not 100% on this, but my centre has partition walls and we were grandfathered when the rules changed. If we were to reapply for a license at a new location or under a new name, or even apply to change the age group in the rooms, we would lose this and our walls would not be to specifications. This was one of the major factors in us not adding infants. Changing our license woudl require us to completely rebuild the interior walls of a century old church. Just not possible.
That being said, if you did set up two separate rooms, you can apply for Ministry Approval to be the lead teacher in a room without your RECE. There would also be the option of applying for equivalency based on your experience.
It would be worth having a discussion with your local program advisers and getting their input. We have had people with only 2 ECE courses approved, as we are very rural and the employee pool is very very small. Depending on your location, they may be willing to give you approval with specifications for you to follow. Have you ever considered doing the apprenticeship program or ECE classes part time?
If anyone has any other experiences in this type of situation, I would love to hear them. I find everyone really has different situations and I learn a lot from sharing these experiences.

Thank you so much for your great answers I really appreciate you taking the time to respond so fast. I am so glad I joined this site! It is alot of information needed to open a day nursery in Ontario. I have found that there are so many rules and regulations that need to be met and it is great to be able to talk to qualified and educated people familiar with this field. I really have learned alot from this site! Thanks Again.

We are so glad to have you! This is such a great field to get in to. I love being able to have a place where we can support one another!!!

Hi, If I am providing childcare/babysitting out of a commercial space and I decide to apply for a license do I have to have an ECE already hired before I can get a license, or can I still get licensed if I am not an ECE but I only have 5 kids. Would I have to have my ECE hired and working or could I have an ECE ready to work(having her CPR,CRC and registered with the province)? Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it!

At your licensing visit everything has to be set up as if you were going to open the moment she walks out the door. So you would have to have your RECE already hired and ready to go. That being said, it would be worth asking if you could have had them in for orientation have signed all required policies and procedures, have their medical check, College of ECE registration, first aid and CPR etc all on file and have their start date be the day she hands you your license.

I was wondering if I decided to run childcare centre with only five children out of a commercial space am I allowed to make renovations. I am not sure when and if I would want to apply for a license to operate. Would the renovations I make prior to my applying for a license effect the outcome of me getting a license? Again I may run my childcare/babysitting program out a commercial space for a long period of time before I would apply for a license, depending on the demand for childcare in Scarborough.

You have posed a number of great questions, and I will try to help as much as I can in one response.

Here is a great package for prospective child care operators. It is 4 years old, but a lot of your questions may be answered here: http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/parents/orientation-package-en.pdf

Child care licensing is now overseen by the Ministry of education. Perhaps this is why you are having difficulty getting a straight answer from the MCYS, however I woudl think they could at the very least point you in the right direction. http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/childcare/licensingstandards.html

To the best of my knowledge (keep in mind I am not experienced in unlicensed care or home care) you can run an unlicensed program anywhere and without an RECE. There are no inspections etc. That being said, make sure the owners of the space you intend on using know what sort of program you are running and make sure they carry sufficient insurance as your landlords. Even in your home, if you run a child care program licensed or not, your insurance company should be aware of the program you are running and your coverage should reflect that. You can do renovations, but the environment you are using will be inspected prior to issuing a license by the fire chief, Public Health and the Ministry so at that point you will need to meet whatever regulations are in place. The prospective operators package outlines room size, toileting, lighting, playground etc. etc. requirements.

Best of luck!

I hve been out of ECE for 10 years and I am interested in re eneing the field in a school board kindergarten classroom. Can anyone tell me what I need in regards to updating and how do I apply? Thanks for any help

You need to apply to your individual school board. In my area, they open applications for ECE's in Feb. for positions starting in September. It varies by board and region however. You will need to be a member in good standing of the College of ECE's to apply to the Board and have current first aid and CPR. Definitely brush up on your ELECT framework and current best practices in the field to get yourself up to date.
Good luck.

I work as a teacher's assistant at a local private faith-based center. I recently finished and was awarded my CDA (Child Development Associate). In Georgia I can be the lead teacher in a preschool age class but currently all of those slots are filled and we are at max enrollment for classes. I checked our state funded preschool employment opportunities and they all require a ECE (Early Childhood Education) certificate. My question is will any of my CDA credits transfer into a ECE and what school(s) would you recommend? Thanks!

We do not have this type of accreditation in Ontario. Closest would be an Education Assistant diploma. Which is a formal college program with in class work. This diploma would not qualify someone to be a lead teacher in a classroom. Here, some courses from this area of study would transfer over to the ECE program and upgrading to an ECE could therefore be done faster.

I did some research here: http://www.cdacouncil.org/the-cda-credential/about-the-cda to get up to speed on what earning your CDA entails. There was mention of the CDA counting as 9 college credits at some universities towards your associate degree training.

Unfortunately I am not from your area and have no training experience in the US. I could not recommend a specific school or program. The link I posted does have advisers that you can speak to if you have questions. I would consider contacting them and getting their input on what program may work best for you.

Do you have to have your RECE to be a supervisor of a licensed centre in Ontario and also can you register if you've done your courses on line 8 years ago not from a college? Also what can you do if you know a centre is running with an unqualified supervisor?

You need to be approved by the Mnistry to be supervisor of a child care centre. The Ministry requires a 2 year diploma from a recognized college program, plus a minimum of 2 years experience. However, you can apply for Ministry approval in other stuations. I know someone who has MA wth their certificate from Mothercraft.

If you ever have a concern about a child care centre, you should contact the centres program advisor. Contact information is required to be posted for parents in a location where parents and visitors routinely enter or exit the premises.

Hi, My situation is quite unique. I am currently living in Oxford England and would like to take ECE online courses for when we relocate back home to Quebec. I cannot find any online courses in Quebec so I would have to study through an Ontario Program. My questions are: If I work towards an ACS in Ontario, since I went to school in Quebec, will they both be accredited in Quebec? do I have to do any field work in an Early childhood setting in order to qualify? Do I have to be physically present at any point for tests and how many times? Which schools in Ontario offer programs for ACS and ECE together?. Also, I have a guaranteed position when I move back through family so I just want to make sure that it will be recognized in Quebec. Thanks for your time.

Here is a great site related to credentials required for each province. http://www.ccsc-cssge.ca/ecec-credentialing-results?province[]=23&flag=1

It appears a 2 year diploma with a min. of 1800 hours of course work is equivalent to a diploma earned within Quebec.

While I was enrolled at Loyalist College for my ECE diploma, I never had to attend in person. There were no midterms or exams. Everything was completed online.

Hello, I was recently told that with your RECE card from the college you can get discounts is stores such as Michaels and Chapters? If so where are all the places we receive discounts? Thanks

I do not believe it is a special arrangement with specific vendors. I think it is more that the card now gets us discounts at places that have offered discounts to "teachers". I have used it personally at a Staples teacher appreciation event, Chapters (this was back when they had their other rewards card, that you paid for. Teachers got that card at a discount), Scholar's Choice and Fabric Land (They offer 15% off for daycare workers and I had to prove I worked in child care. I do not know if that is just my local store or if it is franchise wide). I have also heard it can be used at Michael's.

Hi, there I have been working in daycare for over 15 years now and wanted to know is there a way the ministry of daycare can approve me to be a room E.C.E or do I have to go back to school to do the E.C.E I do have my teacher assistant from George Brown collage and two courses towards my E.C.E. Could you please let me know thanks. Cathy

As far as I know you would need to go back to school to gain more ECE courses to become the ECE in a room. Employers have to prove they have no other option but to hire someone who is not qualified in order to apply for Ministry Approval and in most areas there are RECE's looking for work. While they would absolutely take your work experience into consideration, I do not think 2 courses would be enough to get this approval. I have had staff with 50% of their courses complete not get approved. They have also had to provide proof their education was ongoing.
A good direction for you may be the apprenticeship program. The courses are heavily subsidized and you work while you go to school part-time.

Wondering if many members have a "Letter of Equivalency" license here in Ontario?

None of the admins have letters of equivalency. However, I have had staff members go through the process and work with their letters. If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to email me off the board with any questions.

Hello, I have been working with children for 4years, in schools, childminding centres, afterschool programs and summer camps. However, I was recently laid off and I was thinking of getting my ECE, and currently I have my CYW and Social Service Worker diploma, so I wanted to do an accelerated program or at least get a lot of transfer credits so that im not doing 2yrs+ to get this diploma. Does anyone have any advice as to what college or private college will be the best fit to for me to do it quickly and allow me to apply as a registered ECE worker while in the field. Thank you, Evelyn.

You have a number of options. You could do night school and work while you study for your diploma, you could do distance education or you could join the apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship program is subsidized by the government, so you would pay only a part of you tuition fees.

Any school will allow you to seek credit for courses you ahve already taken or for your extensive prior knowledge. Your electives should be credited at the very least and maybe some field placement hours as well. You will pay a fee for this however.

A number of colleges offer distance ed options for ECE. I would check at the college closest to you, as it may facilitate easier registration and your application for advanced standing as you won't have to mail documents back and forth. It woudl also allow you to go buy the required textbooks etc in person.

You can apply for ministry approval to work as an ECE in a classroom while you study. Your employer will have access to these forms and the process required. However, you can not apply to the College of ECE until you are in your final semester of school and even then, your application will remain unprocessed until you can provide a copy of your diploma.

Good luck!

Hello, This is a question pertaining to hiring within a school board. I graduated with a diploma in ECE in 2007 and worked for a day care associated with the public school board in my city. After about a year, I was laid off due to low enrolment and I had no seniority. I then decided to go back to school and obtain a degree in Child and Youth Studies, to possibly try something different. However during my time in university, the Ontario ECE program began and was very enticing since it offered me the ability to do what I love and have relatively good job security. I just finished my degree this April, and have had two interviews with two school boards for an ECE position. After much waiting, and even one board telling me that I was "short-listed for a supply position", I was declined both jobs. Two of my friends were just hired as well, and they just graduated with their ECE diplomas last year. I feel I answered all of my interview questions well, and have great references. Do you know any reason they would have for not hiring me? Could it possibly be that I am over qualified since I have a degree as well? Should I take the degree off of my resume? What advice can you offer me at this point? I am just really stressed out about not being able to get a position for this upcoming year, and wanted another ECE's perspective. Thanks so much for any help you can provide.

I have heard of a few people that did not get interviews, then reapplied removing their university background and leaving just the ECE and actually getting called for an interview.
I guess it depends on the Region and what the hiring committee is looking for. There were rumors for the first 2 years of hiring in my area that they were only hiring ECE's with university degrees or Montessori certifications in addition to their diploma. Now, these were just rumors, however everyone I knew personally moving to the school board had credentials in addition to their ECE, so it very well could have been true. Now, I hear the opposite. I guess with FDK just starting out, there is a learning curve for everyone involved.

I am working towards my ECE diploma, I was thinking of challenging the school age placement, I asked my school about the exemption policy, and they told me that in order to get an exemption, I need to have at least 2 years of School Age exp.( which I have)...they told me to get my artifcats ready, I was wondering from your years of experience, if you can guide, what exactly shall I present to show them that I have knowledge of School Age Program . I would appreciate if you can you suggest something, that will help me in making my case strong.

I applied for prior learning assessment when I started in my ECE studies. I wanted to use my 2 years experience and my minor in psychology during university to get credits towards my diploma.

I had to submit any classes I had taken with syllabus' and an official transcript from university. I also had to submit any reviews I received from my employer for the duration of my employment; As well as a letter of employment stating my position, and length of employment on letterhead. This was submitted as a package to the school and resulted in one placement exemption and 3 class exemptions. Which items they used for which exemption, I am unsure.

Best of luck!

How many people on this site are ECE teachers?

Of the people on this site whom I know personally, there are 2 child care supervisors, 4 ECE's, an assistant, one in ECE classes and a number of parents.

Of the nearly 500 registered users the majority of people have stated they are in ECE classes or working in childcare. In what capacity they are working in this field, I can not be sure.

what should i do after diploma for short time.

I know most of my graduating class worked at summer camps after college. It was a way to get immediate work after graduating and hopefully get your foot in the door at a child care centre. Or use it as income while you are looking for a job.
Lots of people turn to School-age care in September and then wait for a job opening at the main centre for full time employment. A number of my friends started this way. Lots of centres offer a full time job internally first, so it is an opportunity to turn part time into full time.

I am doing a interview assignment and would like you to help me with a few qestions. what do you enjoy most about being an ECE? what do you think the most important part of your job is?
applying for the position of a ece teacher what are the three qualities do you feel would bring to this position

This is a very personal question. I know what qualities I would bring to the team, but your experiences and education are likely very different then mine. Only you can answer how you will best contribute to their work team. When answering this question keep in mind the type of job. If it is a sports summer camp for example, I would probably lean towards your qualities that promote leadership, knowledge of sports, experiences you have had in a similar sort of environment. Research the company you are interviewing at and know what type of people hey are looking for.
Best of luck!

what is most important to work in a team

Personally I think communication is key. At my centre we work very hard to be open and honest. To make sure we communicate daily via morning meetings, the communication book etc to ensure everyone is on the same page.
Situations are dealt with immediately (or as soon as appropriate if we are on the floor with the children) to make sure there are no lingering had feelings, to make sure everyone understands the reason for our actions. As supervisor I am always available for discussion of any situation. Staff know I can be a resource if they have questions or concerns. we also ensure we have a staff liaison on our Board of Directors so staff know they can speak with someone outside of out team should they feel that is more appropriate. That Liaison can them broker communication between staff members if necessary.

Hi My fiance works in a day care and they are getting there accredidationdone she is worried if they fail she will lose her funding. Do day cares get a chance to rectify any concerns prior to losing there accredidation?

I can only comment on Ontario. Is this an attempt to get a license for the first time, or an annual renewal?

Depending on the areas that are non-compliant, we are given a time frame for fixing them. Some things they will tell you to fix immediately and note you have done so on your review other things will be given a firm date for completion (48 hours, a week etc). Once these non-compliance's have been fixed they will issue a standard license.

For more serious concerns a provisional license can be given and they will come back for another inspection to lift the provisions.

Serious concerns can result in immediate closure of the centre and suspension of your license.

I believe you are always given an opportunity to fix non-compliance's, and there is also a chance to argue a decision made by a program manager.

That being said, if you do not regain your license, you will lose your wage subsidy, enhanced staffing, pay equity etc etc funding.

Again, this is only based on my experience in Ontario, each province may have different ways of doing things.

Hi, I am a new grad (ECE) and now seeking a job. I applied so many places and only one agency called me for interview but I did not get that job because they were not happy with some of my answers they asked during interview. Please give me some idea how to have successful interview. Please let me know if you some place is hiring right now. I really need a job.

Often new grads miss out on opportunities because they ahve no experience. However, how can you get experience if no one will hire you. There is also the fact that the "market" for ECE's has been flooded by ECE's from daycares that have closed due to Full Day Kindergarten.

There are a few articles on the site dealing with some questions that may be asked. Make sure you practice your interview skills with a parent or peer so you answer confidently. One of my pet peeves in interviews are applicants that answer my questions with a questioning tone of their own. If you do not believe what you are saying, how am I supposed to? Ask fro feedback on interviews that were unsuccessful so you know which skills to build on for the next interview.

Best of luck.

what sort of questions do you think edinburgh council would ask me when i go for a childcare position

There is an article on the site that deals with interview questions.

Good luck!

Hi, i just needed to know which is good for online ECE program, 1-Loyalist 2-Durham 3-Algonquin or any other Im thinking of starting next week, so far i think i will go to durham because the low course fee. But it might be that the program is not good enough. Can anyone plz help me about the best colleges for Online ECE program Thanks

Personally, I only have experience with Loyalist online and found it a wonderful experience. However, I have had staff take online courses at Durham and found it to be an excellent experience.
Can you call the co-ordinator of each program and ask any questions you might have? You might get a better feel for which program would suit your learning style the best.

I have a problem. I just finished my ECE. I have had two interviews and feel I have failed them. I also have an interview with the school board coming up in my city. Both interviews I could not understand the wording.They are using words I am not use to using or hearing on a basis. These are not words I have even heard while taking my ECE course. I'm not a big word person, I usually use day to day words when talking to people. What should I do, I feel sick to my stomach over this.

I imagine that is very stressful. If you want to email me off line or start a thread in the forum with examples of some of the words they are using, maybe we can help. There is a great community of child care workers here. I hope we will be able to help.

Hi there, I am opening a new centre, and I was wondering if you could answer some logistical staffing questions for me? Are breaks required for staff (in Ontario), and if so, is there a required length? If breaks are required, how are you meant to cover them (keep your ratios in good-standing)?

For shifts over 5 hours a minimum 30 minute eating period is required. Our breaks are covered by the supervisor or the cook. I have worked in centres where the after school teacher starts a few hours early to cover lunches before the school-agers arrive after school.

From the employment standards Act, Ontario:
An employee must not work for more than five hours in a row without getting a 30-minute eating period (meal break) free from work. However, if the employer and employee agree, the eating period can be split into two eating periods within every five consecutive hours. Together these must total at least 30 minutes. This agreement can be oral or in writing.

I am interested in doing ECE online from Loyalist? The course is going to start from May 14, 2012, I was wondering if anyone has done ECE from Loyalist before? Is it accredited? To be honest I keep on having nightmares that after putting in so much time and efforts someone is going to tell me that the college is not accredited? I would love to hear from anyone who has done ECE-Online from Loyalist.

I finished my final year diploma through Loyalist on-line and loved it. It carries the same weight as any other Ontario College ECE diploma. After attending in-class courses for my first year at Seneca and on-line via Loyalist, I found my second year to be much more educational for me. It allowed me to work full time in a daycare centre while going to school. I could immediately apply everything I learned. This was so much better then a few weeks on field placement when I went to school full time.
The practical experience was a bonus since when I graduated I already had work experience to put on my resume.

im at mohawk right now working on getting my bachlores in the ece program and i was wondering if once i get all my credits in the ece program will i be able to go into teachers college and become and kindergarden teacher? i would really like this answered in detail...please and thank-you :)

Do you want to be the lead teacher in the room or the ECE?

A university bachelors degree will allow you to apply to go to teachers college. At that point you can focus on primary division and apply to kindergarten teaching jobs.

If you wish to be the ECE in the room, you can apply for jobs once you have your ECE diploma and are registered in the College of Early Childhood Educators.


Distance ed has no differing value then in class training if it is from an accredited Ontario college.

Both a college ECE diploma and a mothercraft diploma allow you registration with the College of ECE's.

I can not vouch for the TDSB, but in our area, all the school board requested if you were chosen for an interview was proof of graduation and registration in the CECE.

Either option will get you those documents.

Hi there. I got an offer to work at a Daycare in my area, and also to do my apprenticeship while I'm working there. I was told I have to get a criminal record check before I do so. I have a record, some charges from when I was a youth, and a couple from when I was 18. I am almost 23 now. I don't have any assaults, drug or weapons charges, or anything dangerous at all. How will this effect me getting into this Daycare? And do you have any suggestions on how I should approach the situation to the owner of the center? Thank you.

I would be honest and up front. Tell them it was in the past and you have grown and matured and are trying to make a new start. I woudl rather honesty then finding it out when you hand over the CRC and be surprised with it.

That being said it is up to the supervisor/owner if they will still hire you. You personal policy is to review CRC's on a case by case basis, but other centres may have different rules.

Good luck.

What is resistor

I am not sure I understand what you are asking. What is the context?

Hello, My name is Quyen Phan. I'm a new student at Prism Career Institute. My major is early childhood professional. One of my class assignment was to interview an early child professional. Is it okay if an early childhood professional that has the time to answer some of my questions. It would meant so much to me. They are: 1. What is your educational background? 2. How many years have you been a professional in the field? What are your long term professional goals? 3. What drives you to do what you do? 4.What advice can you offer to someone who is beginning a career in working with children? Those are the 4 question please answer them for me if u could. Thank you

1. I have a honours bachelor's degree in History and Child Psychology, my ECE diploma and am currently working on my resource teacher/early intervention certification.

2. I have worked in child care for 11 years. I hope to work in a child care as a resource consultant for children with special needs and/or open my own centre using my supervisor experience.

3. I love children. I love watching them learn something new. A little boy I worked at a placement with made purple one day and the delight and excitement on his face I could never have received from a teenager taking Canadian History (my original career goal). I decided right then that I wanted to work with children before they reached school-age.

4. I would suggest they take a moment and step back and just enjoy the kids. Forget the stress and rules and regulations that can be so stressful at times and just watch the kids learn. Sit on the floor with them and play. Be a kid again, have fun.

Good luck on your assignment, hope that helps.

I asked questions where is the answers
What attributes do you admire most about aco-worker/ The supervisor has left for the day and aparent or yourself has aquesion. how would you handle this situation .

These are interview questions. No one can answer these for you. Otherwise they would be hiring you based on someone else answers.

What do you like best in a co-worker? Team work, work ethic, strong programming skills????

If you have a question and your supervisor is not available, what would you do? The person hiring wants to know if you are capable of answering the parents question and/or if you are confident in yourself. Do you try and handle it yourself or call a co-worker? Do you call the supervisor at home? How do you personally gauge what types of situations can be left in a note for the supervisor to respond to in the AM or what does S/He need to know about immediately?

Be open and honest. Give your personal opinion based on your education and past experiences.

Hi, I am currently an ECE student doing my final semester from Loyalist College (online). Mean while,I have applied Peel School Board. My question is, when I am called for an interview and they ask me which college I am currently studying, what should I answer? Should I answer it as Loyalist College Distance? Will pursuing an online ECE affect my job opportunity? How should I handle this situation? kindly answer. Thanks in advance.

I would answer truthfully as they will see it on your resume anyway. Tell them you are in your last semester at Loyalist College in the distance education program. It holds the same value as a diploma done in class. You have the same number of field placements and will have the same experience as someone taking the course in class (assuming you participate in the online threads and discussions). In fact, if you are working while studying I believe you are having an even better experience because you can practice your skills in real time.
Good luck!

Hi Andrea, As far i remmember you earn your diploma at loyalist college.and you have degree in child phychology.how did you do your degree? did you went to university?how do you find your carrer path?with child psychology degree what option you have in this carrer?
Hello If any one had a chance to get an interview with the Toronto District school board I want to know about what kind of questions they asked?

I do not know of anyone who has interviewed in the Toronto Board. However, we would love to hear about your experience afterwards. Good luck!

I just recently got let go from a job that I love..which - on my mistake- did something wrong with out realizing it until it was too late. Would I still be able to work at other agencies due to this fault in error?

I think a lot would depend on the error committed. Do you have your ECE? Are you a member of the College of ECE's If so, was the infraction reported to the College? Was a serious occurrence filed by the child care centre as a result of the error? Were criminal charges filed?

If all the above answers are no, then a potential employer would have no way of knowing about this error unless you told them, your former employer told them (I do not believe they can due to privacy laws, but I would have to look into that further) or they heard through the child care community. I know in small towns, news travels fast through networks of supervisors etc.

If it was a minor error, I would rather a potential employee be honest and tell me what happened, and how they learned from the mistake, as opposed to learning through the grapevine that they had been dishonest with me.

How many men are working in ontario childcare centes. What is accurate statistics?What is general opinion.Is it right to divide a job on gender bases?

I am not sure where to find statistics on this topic. However, you might want to contact Umbrella Services. They do a survey every year regarding a number of issues in child care and I think this would be a great question to add to their survey. I would be very interested in hearing the results as well.

I do not believe it is right to divide a job on gender basis. We have touched on this topic in an article on this site: http://www.askanece.com/general/men-in-child-care

I am currently in the ECE program and about to graduate this June. Do you know what my options are if i wish to continue my education in university.

I would talk to your guidance counselor at your college to be certain. When I was in ECE, there were a number of universities that offered transfer credits to university courses. I believe Brock had a program to take your ECE and then continue in child studies with advanced standing. You may get a decreased number of classes to take to get your degree. It has been awhile, so I am sure there are many more now.

Ryerson currently offers a direct entry option. If you have a B in your ECE studies and complete 3 liberal arts credits at the university level you can enter year 3 of a 4 year degree. This is a fantastic option to graduate in only 2 more years with a ECE diploma and a Honours BA in Early Childhood Education.

There are also a number of options at the college level to continue studies in Resource teaching, early intervention, administration or ABA studies.

Hello everyone! I am a student of Ece at Loyalist College (distance). How can I get excellent marks ?Is it possible in online? I am already working under board as a lunchroom supervisor. Still doing volunteer as a teacher assistance .will I be able to get a job as an Ece in board?

I enjoyed going to Loyalist online. I felt working full time in child care while going to school was a huge plus for me as an ECE. I graduated with far more knowledge then most of my counterparts who took in class courses. I graduated with honours, I found distance ed to be easier to get high marks, but then I learn better reading and learning things on my own.

As for working in the board, you would need to have your diploma. That being said the only people I know who have been accepted into the board also have additional qualifications. Not to say that is a requirement, but I think the competition is so fierce for the positions, that the people who also have Montessori credentials, university degrees, etc are getting priority for the interviews.

Best of Luck!

I'm a second year ECE student at Durham College and I need lots of information/resources on High Scope child care for my philosophy project. Could you suggest any great sources of information that might not be listed on Google's top five? Would a library have good resources, for example? Are there any centres in Durham that could give me additional information?

Welcome! I have been looking for a poster with High Scope experience for awhile. I know in Durham while some may be moving towards this philosophy, it is not widely available yet.

Family Day in Toronto, uses this philosophy in their centres and has a great Q&A section on their website. http://www.familydaycare.com/highscopefaq.html

I have been looking here: http://www.highscope.org/ for more info. They have a section about implementing High Scope in your own centre.

Perhaps you could call the Region and ask if they have any centres with purchase of service agreements who use the High Scope philosophy? Their program advisors know the local programs very well and may be able to suggest a good centre to go visit.

We would love to hear from you when your project is finished. We have had a number of requests for High Scope information. If you'd like to write an article for the site on this topic, please get in touch with me at IMNECE@gmail.com

Hello, I am wondering how long an assistant can cover an ECE who is off due to a doctors note?

This is a great question, it has come up many times over the years and each company I worked for handled it differently. One company never allowed a non ECE to cover an ECE position period, it was company policy. That being said, it was a large company with a number of staff and supply staff was never an issue.
Another company allowed Assistants to cover in an emergency, but with notice would always find an ECE where possible. They often used short term staffing staffing companies. Since they were located in the GTA where this is common, it made sense.
My current local is rural, we do not have a long list of supply staff and as such our Program Advisor has often allowed us to cover an ECE position with our assistant staff. She prefers ratios be met at any cost and understands that finding qualified staff may not always be possible. In each case she required that they have first aid/CPR, CRC and be over 18 years old. Because they are all employed by us anyway, we had all this on file already.
I really think this is situational. If you know the teacher will be off for weeks, it is worth hiring a contract staff person. However, if it is a couple of days hiring a new staff member will not be possible. I would call your Program Advisor and have a chat. Ours is very easy to talk to and will give us any advise after hearing all the details.

what is curriculum

This is a pretty generic question. I would define a curriculum as a body of knowledge and experiences that the group/cohort of children need to know at a certain level (toddler/preschool/kindergarten etc). The curriculum content and/or how it is delivered depends on your educational perspective/philosophy. We develop and implement the curriculum through our program plans.

could anyone tell me how much it cost to finish ece diploma at loyalist college ?

It would depend on how many classes you left to finish. Classes were priced based on classroom hours so development classes or placement classes etc were more expensive then shorter Children's lit classes for example. I believe they ranged from $179-336 per class. That was about 6 years ago however. You also need to pay for the prior learning assessment to figure out which classes you have taken they will accept towards their diploma. I think it was $25/class.

If I complete my ECE courses here in Ontario (Mohawk College), will it be valid in Quebec? Or will I have to take additional courses once I move there?

Here is some information I discovered online, looks like you shouldn't have a problem in Quebec:

Two-year ECE programs of at least 1,800 hours are deemed equivalent to a DEC. Individuals must have a secondary school diploma earned in another province of Canada because, outside Québec, high school education is one year longer than in Québec.

One-year ECE certificate programs between 750 and 1,800 hours are deemed equivalent to an attestation of college studies (ACS) or a university certificate in Québec. No equivalency is granted for graduates of other early childhood programs comprising less than 750 hours of training.

Individuals must present a copy of their diploma and official transcript to the child care licensee.

From: http://www.ccsc-cssge.ca/english/guide/search.cfm?tag=ECE%20Qualificatio...
Child Care Human Resources Sector Council
Guide to Early Childhood Education Credentialing in Canada

how likely are you to find employment in your field when you graduate?

That depends on the demand for ECE's where you live. If you are in a rural area,there are less positions to fill. In an urban area, there are lots of child care spaces and therefore more teaching positions. Personally, I have never had a problem finding a position. Granted upon graduation I was willing to work in summer camps, as an assistant or in before and after school program as well as in a child care centre in order to gain the experience that would make me competitive.
ECE diplomas can also get you a job as an nanny, in the school board in a JK/SK classroom or an EA, at an early year centre or drop in centre as well. So lots of options upon graduation.

Being an ECE you have a lot of responsibilities. How do you handle stressful situations?

Being #6 on my list of questions to ask potential ECE employees, that is personal question you are definitely going to have to answer yourself. What do you do to ease stress?

I am considering taking an ECE course at the Loyalist college through online learning. Is Loyalist college an "accredited" college? Also, would I be able to get a job with the school board with this diploma?

Loyalist is absolutely an accredited College. My ECE diploma is from there via online learning. It was a great way to get my ECE diploma. I was able to work full time while going to school.

An ECE diploma and membership in the College of ECE's is all that is required to work as an ECE in a Kindergarten classroom, however it is competitive. In my area it is rumored that there were hundreds of applications for less then 20 positions. Colleagues of mine who have moved to the school board all have more then their ECE diploma. One has her BA, another has her BA and BEd and a third has her Montessori credentials all in addition to their ECE diploma.

Any idea why the Ontario MTCU change the ECE apprenticeship to Child Development Practitioner? I've just found out recently. Instead of ECE certificate, they'll only give out Child Development Practitioner certificate.

A number of Ontario Colleges have training requirements as it pertains to apprentice students. Most require 4-5 "bridge" courses to upgrade your certificate to an ECE diploma, then you require enrollment in the College of ECE's to call yourself an Early Childhood Educator.
Here is an example from Niagara College:


I am a Montessori teacher. Do I get any credits if I do my ECE course? Or is there an equivalency course to be an ECE or ECA?

The College of ECE's is handling the equivalency assessments now. Check here for info on individual assessment to see about advanced standing and Prior Learning Assessments.

Best of luck!

I am currently doing my ECE bridging course and I still have my Placement3 to complete, would I get employment ?AS I need a job ASAP

In the summer there is a good chance you could work in child care in the summer camp programs. In Ontario you can get approval based on your schooling and be Ministry Approved to work as an ECE. I have had a number of employees that worked while finishing their schooling.

Please I need to know what options are there in terms of financial support to open a childcare centre. Thank you

I am not sure where you are located, but in my area, if you want to open a centre, you need to provide your own funds. You would need a business plan to secure a business loan. Purchase of service agreements can only be obtained once a centre has had 2 Ministry visits and that takes at least 6 months. In our area, all PSA's have been frozen and no new centres are being considered.

Hi. I am a student who is taking the Infant Toddler Program in Vancouver. I am finally in my last semester! I have been in the ECE field since summer of 2006. In one of my classes we are holding a debate night. Each group has 3 ppl in it. One person has to be FOR and another AGAINST and the 3rd person does the intro & the wrap of the topic. Our topic is "Should Family Child Care have their ECE's?" I am having a hard time finding resources to support my FOR part. If anyone can help out with where I can find articles, position papers, research and even interviews from ppl's comment on this subject would be much appreciated too!! Thanks! And I wish everyone who is a caregiver, a mother, an aunt, a grandmother a Happy Mother's Day!

This is a tough one as having your ECE is not a requirement and so many people are pursuing this type of career without training. While I am 100% FOR all child care providers having some type of training, I too had difficulty finding legitimate articles to support my point of view.
Having an ECE diploma and being a member in good standing with the College of ECE's (in Ontario) helps me feel that the staff caring for my child are educated in health and safety, programming developmentally appropriate activities for my child and supporting their language and social development, just to name a few pro's. It also guarantees a minimum number of practicum hours and a medical check, criminal reference check and first aid training.
Best of luck with your debate. I would be very interested in hearing how it plays out.

I am an NNEB, qualified in 1984, I worked here as a naany for 4 yrs, then taught preschool in a private school for 2 years, followed by 3 years teaching Little readers at Oxford Learning Centres. For the past 9 years I've been teaching Grade 1 at a private school. looking to get back into Daycare, would like to get my equivilancy, what's the easiest route?

From teh College of ECE website: "As of July 31, 2010 the College will directly handle applications from internationally trained applicants who require an individual assessment of their educational credentials."

Here is the link for more information.

The AECEO handled equivalency until the summer of 2010, all my staff had gone that route, so I have no direct experience with the Colleges process.

Good luck!!!

What would you say were the largest challenges of your last job

I would have to say it is definitely the budget. Making sure the supplies are always stocked, groceries purchased, toys and materials replaced as needed, special events paid for, insurance, payroll etc. If parents do not pay on time, everything is affected. So being super organized and top of things is key!

what are the different ways in becoming an ECE? How can you start your own business?

You can go to college to gain your Early Childhood Education diploma, either in person or via distance ed. There are apprenticeship programs to help you go to school while you work full time in the field as well. You can also apply for equivalency however you would already need to have a background in childcare or teaching to get started.

We have discussed opening your own program in our forums, check here for more information: http://www.askanece.com/forum/2008-11-18/opening-your-own-daycare

Looking to find out how do I can get an In Home Daycare licence. And with that can I have more than 5 children? Can I have before and after school children with my 5 full time kids?

The majority of my experience is in licensed child care centres. As far as I know the limit is 5 children plus your own whether licensed or not, at least that was how it was when my daughter attended home care. Here is a link to a group that may be able to offer more information: http://www.hccao.com/

Here is the information on licensed home care from the Ministry and children and youth services Ontario website: http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/childcare/homebased.html

Home-based child care

Home child care is provided in a caregiver's home. You can find home child care for infants, toddlers pre-school and school-aged children.

Licensed agencies contract individual caregivers who use their own homes to look after children.

Caregivers are screened, approved and monitored by home visitors, who work for the home care agency.

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services inspects the agencies and some home child care locations at least once a year to make sure that they are meeting the requirements of the Day Nurseries Act.
What do home visitors do?

Home visitors have training in early childhood education, child development and family studies. They make sure that the caregivers are following the agency's policies and procedures. They may also help caregivers:

plan activities for children at different stages of their development
give advice about nutritious meal planning
check that the home is safe for children
help choose toys and equipment that are safe and suitable for the children
make sure provincial requirements are met

What are the advantages of this kind of care?

Children of the same family may be placed together
agency provides assistance, support and monitoring
caregiver has to meet certain standards of care
small group size. By law, caregivers can only provide child care for five children under the age of ten. The regulation sets out additional restrictions for the number of children cared for under the age of six years.

Thanks for the reply , really helpful, i reside in whitby and would like to know what daycare rates are. Also is using your basement for daycare not against govt. laws if you want to operate as a license daycare? How does one go about licensing?

Here is the Ministry's orientation package for prospective operators, your licensing questions can be answered here: http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/parents/orientation-package-en.pdf
There are planning and design links on page 9.
As far as I know there are home daycares that use lower levels. However, they must meet all guidelines for lighting, exits etc. A rep from Wee Watch would likely be able to answer questions as well. Wee Watch poviders are licensed.
Whitby is pretty competitive. The rates I quoted previously were for Durham Region. Particularily Oshawa. Further North there are less providers so they can charge more since there is less competition.
Good Luck

Hello again, I was just wondering if the director of a child care centre needs to have their ECE? I know the supervisor does, however if the owner wanted the title ‘director’ is this possible if they do not have an ECE diploma? Thank you for your help :)

As far as I know the owner could call him/herself whatever they wanted as long as they had an ECE as supervisor. I have worked in a centre where the owner was a business person and not ECE trained at all. He left the running of the daycare to the supervisor and he was rarely seen.
We have directors at our centre who are not ECE's, but they are members of the Board of Directors. This is obviously a different situation if your centre is not run by a Board.

I was wondering if anyone knows if it is cheaper to buy furniture/materials for the classroom from outside sources, such as Wal-Mart, IKEA etc. The reason I am asking is because the catalogs that I have from places such as Avron, are very expensive. Therefore I wanted to look to buy elsewhere, however I was also wondering if buying from places like Wal-Mart and IKEA are ok, particularly when trying to obtain a license? Thank you for your help :)

It is definitely cheaper to buy from outside sources. I find the mark up on daycare furniture from daycare sites very high. However, you get what you pay for. Our school-agers have been very kind to our Ikea furniture and book shelves from there are perfect for that room. However, I would not buy those same shelves for the preschool/toddler room.
We have found a gentlemen that hand makes all our furniture. It is custom so more expensive then Walmart, but very sturdy, fits our space perfectly and it is beautiful! He delivers for free and installs anything that needs to be bolted to the wall for safety etc. Furniture from Ikea or Walmart will have to be built and that will take staff hours. Make sure to factor that into your costs.
The Ministry and Public Health will look at safety and will want to ensure the furniture is sealed, wipe-able and non-porous. This is very important. Cheap melamine will peel and crack over time and they will force you to replace these items. So longevity is key. Spending a little more now will save you in the long run.
Also check out local cabinet builders. They may be able to knock out a basic cupboard for toy storage etc much cheaper then a site selling specific daycare items.
Good luck.

Hello I was wondering what makes a child care centre an academy? The reason I am asking is because I am thinking of opening a centre and I would like to call it an academy. I am pretty sure there are separate requirements for an academy I am just unsure what they are. Would I need a different license for an academy? Also with full day Kindergarten coming into affect do you think I should/would only need 1 preschool room? Thank you for your help :)

I have longer wondered the differences in names too, so I do not have a definitive answer for you. However, in speaking with a Program Advisor from the Ministry a few years back, he mentioned about Montessori schools being licensed and governed by both the DNA via the Ministry of Child and Youth Services and the Ministry of Education and how there were a few conflicts ie nap time for children under 4 etc. I wonder if Academies have affiliation with the Ministry of Education as well?

This would be very interesting to find out for sure, as the Licensing process if changing with the new ELP. I am sorry I could not offer more insight. Has anyone else had any experience here?

As far as the number of preschool rooms, you would need to look at your demographics. What are your area's needs? In my area of Durham Region, the extended care option is not widely offered so we still need school-age programs. In other areas school age programs will become obsolete if the ELP takes off. How many schools in your area are offering the ELP in the next year? When were you planning on opening? These are factors that will affect your decision. Do you have the option of having an extra preschool room now and altering it in the future to an infant room or providing care for junior and senior toddlers if preschool needs drop? I would check out your Boar dof Education website and see which schools near your site will be affected and go from there.
Good luck!

how can i register for the confrence and how much will it cost?

Do you mean the Durham Region Childcare Conference?
Registration is due by September 24.

Please contact for registration:
Emely Bennett
Administrative Assistant
Resources For Exceptional Children And Youth - Durham Region
865 Westney Road South
Ajax, ON L1S 3M4
Tel: (905) 427-8862 ext. 327

Cost: $55/person

Info: http://durhamstrategicalliance.ca/departments/social/childcare/operator/...

Could someone please email me pointers/links to download weekly themes for High Scope curriculum. I appreciate all the help.
Staff eating childrens food: The teachers serves the first plate..even eat before children are served. Has anyone had any encounters like this and what measures taken. Our food catered for the numbers of children only. This is getting out of hand. Please give me ideas. Thanks.

If you are a catered centre, I think you have two options:

1. Make it a policy that staff bring their own lunches and do not eat the children's food. I have worked at a centre where this was the case. Staff sat with the children, but did not eat the catered food until the children were finished. We were allowed to eat the left overs as we saw fit as they were disposed of during sleep time anyway. You are not required to feed your staff. They get lunch breaks for this reason.

2. Order more servings to include your staff team.

My current centre has a cook and she makes enough food for everyone. This works really well for us as everyone eats together. The children are well behaved and closely supervised as their teachers are sitting with them and modeling good behaviour at the table. Lunch is a social time, we talk about our mornings and practice self help skills and communication skills. That being said, there is always more then enough food to go around and staff are always served last. We do not incur much additional cost in adding a few more servings. We are a small centre and our meals are often casseroles and soups etc. The costs per serving are minimal. We also find that by allowing the staff to eat with the children their mid day breaks are more relaxing. Instead of prepping and eating their lunches, they can relax, read, nap, go for a walk, return personal calls etc. Their time is their own to do as they wish. They are more relaxed and come back after break more refreshed.

Hi all. Can anyone confirm if an ECA with Montessori diploma be able to receive equivalance ECE from the college of ece? Thank you.

The College of ECE's only took over this responsibility last week. I haven't had anyone go through it with them as of yet.

However, in my experience a Montessori diploma and daycare experience would receive Otherwise Approved status with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. This allowed a person with that background to work in an ECE position. It is different then recognized equivalence, but allowed that person to work in a daycare. Otherwise Approved Status is site specific and non-transferable.

When the AECEO was granting equivalences, they were quite strict. I had one staff member with 75% of her ECE courses completed plus over a decade of experience, who still had to complete classes to meet equivalence. However she found it quite easy to complete the requirements via distance ed and had her equivalence within 6 months.

Good luck

Does anyone has Barb Schuler as program advisor? Does anyone know if she closed down centres? She just gave us a non-renewable license until end of Nov. According to what I read in the internet, this is the step before permanent closure of any center.

I do not feel comfortable talking about specific program advisors or child care centres. Please forward all your comments/concerns regarding your program advisor and/or license situation to your local office of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

That being said, did you receive a notice of intent? This would have been given to you had she decided to close your centre and not renew your license.

If you were given a provisional License with a date to comply with certain requirements to get your full license, she will be back to to a follow visit with you. Was this after a complaint or a yearly inspection? You must have received a copy of the inspection report. Were there items you needed to complete for compliance?

You can check out your daycare status here: http://www.ontario.ca/ONT/portal61/licensedchildcare

Good Luck

HI Im a qualified NNEB the UK equivalent of and ECE with over 20 years experience of working in daycare with babies right through to management. I havent worked since emigrating here to Canada almost 5 years ago now. I was thinking that I might like to start working again when they bring in all day kindergarten and was wondering if anyone knows how I would go about getting certified to work in with the Durham region. I look forward to hearing from you.

The AECEO used to handle accreditation and equivalency. However, as of July 31 2010, The College of ECE's has taken over this process.
This link will take you to their site: http://www.collegeofece.on.ca/main.php?page_id=53&main_page=2

Good luck!

Hi, I currently operate a home daycare with 5 children. I have an ECE diploma and have been doing home care for 5 years now. I am considering opening a licensed childcare center in a couple of years and would like any advise you could give about how to go about that and what would be required of me. For instance, would I need to take a course to be the Daycare Supervisor?, is there such a course? I do have some idea of what would be required regarding choosing a space so I really just need some practical advice about how to begin the process of getting licensed. Thanks

The majority of daycare supervisors just have an ECE diploma and 2 years experience as required by the Ministry. Of course now you will have to be registered with the college of ECE's in Ontario as well.

There are some great courses for furthering your education. George Brown has one that comes highly recommended by my peers. It is a one year post diploma program. http://www.georgebrown.ca/earlychildhood/programs.aspx However, this type of training is not required.

There is some information on opening a centre here:

This applies to Ontario centres.

Best wishes.

My centre is for 18months to 6yrs old kids. We are open from 7am to 6pm. From 7am to to 7:30 I have no kids. First child shows up around 7:30am. By 8:00am I have about 5 kids. Given the above scenario, can I have an ECA open the centre from 7:00am and then first ECE comes at 8:00am? I have a similar issue at closing. From 5:30pm to 6:00pm I have less than 5 kids. Can I use an ECA during this time? Thanks for all replies.

You would have to speak with your program advisor to ensure she/he was on board, but I have worked at a centre that had the cook open at 7AM and the ECE's started at 8AM. The situation was similar, no children generally arrived before 8AM.

I have never felt comfortable having ECA's close alone. While my centre is permitted to have an ECA alone with children, I always felt ECE's should be there at the end of the day. What if a child was not picked up? What if a non-custodial parent arrived to pick up? Or the pick up parent was intoxicated? For these reasons, we actually have two staff close each night. We are also quite rural and it is a safety precaution for the staff as well.

These types of situations really need to be brought up with your program advisor. There is some flexibility, we have been given allowances for certain situations based on staffing/attendance etc. Our advisor is really good at sitting down with us and working out compromises that work for the DNA and our small centre.

Can a daycare worker who is not an ECE be alone with children?

I would say this depends on the situation. Is the ECA alone in the entire centre, or alone taking kids to the washroom?
We have a cook that takes our one AM bus kid to the bus in the AM's so for 5 minutes a day she is alone with him while the ECE is in the building with the rest of the class. The cook also covers bathroom breaks for staff if needed.
I think a lot is based on your program advisor as well. We are permitted to have an ECA cover for an ECE in case of emergency (sick day) or summer vacation coverage. The priority is ratio coverage. The supply staff must have first aid and CPR training, a criminal reference check and have been with us for a minimum of 3 months to be alone with the children.
This would also depend on your centre's policy. I have worked in centres where ECA's were not allowed to be alone with children EVER, but this was the centre's policy.

I want to ask that are there any issues field of ECE is facing today that makes oral and written English communication a critical issue for the field of ECE?

This sounds an awful lot like some of the essay questions I had to answer while in college. While we are here to help our fellow ECE's, we are not going to do homework for you.
One issue off the top of my head would be a diverse range of children from many cultures and backgrounds. Often daycare is their first experience with the English language. Often their parents do not speak English either. This can be very difficult and at the same time very rewarding.

I am looking for a job offer form with info on what is expected of an ECE supervisor that I hire...does anyone have one?...can you send it to rachelleburt@hotmail.com

The content of the job offer will depend heavily on your centres circumstances. Probably best to use any forms as a template and personalize the from to suit your exact situation. For example, at my small centre I was expected to do minor maintenance/plumbing etc. At my larger centre we had a maintenance crew to take care of these things. Will your supervisor being strictly admin in the office or have floor time as well?

I found this great template online:

Credit to Government of the Northwest Territories Municipal and Community Affairs website. www.maca.gov.nt.ca

Great descriptions and subheadings. Can really be altered to work for your personal situation.

I wanted to know what happens when two co-workers are not working well together. What are all the steps to make sure that all workers get along for the children. If the matter is not resolved who will the staff member go to next if the two co-workers can't resolve this matter.

Are these two staff members in the same classroom? Often the supervisor will sit in on a classroom to get a read on the situation. At our centre we have a staff liaison (member of the board) that the staff members can speak to if they feel they can not discuss the matter with the supervisor.
I like to promote team building exercises during staff meetings to keep the team working well together. We also actively search for professional development in team building.
If the supervisor has an open door policy, staff will feel comfortable enough to come in and discuss the situation before it gets out of hand.

I want to take an ece online course that is from a school in Quebec will i still be licenced in Ontario?

The DNA says ECE staff must hold a 2 year diploma from a recognized Ontario College. However, there are other routes that can get a staff member Ministry Approval. The supervisor would have to submit paperwork to the program advisor.
You could also apply for recognition from the AECEO in the form of an equivalency letter. You would need to fill out an application form and fees do apply. However, once in possession of this letter you would have all the rights and privileges of a staff member trained in Ontario and be eleigible for entry to the College of ECE's.
Here is a link for information on Equivalency: http://www.aeceo.ca/content/equivalency-canadian-trained.html

do you know of any sites with free printable daycare forms

A Google search for daycare forms will bring up a ton of sites. They require sifting through, some are much better then others. Here is a site I really like for forms and letters: http://www.supportingproviders.com/childcareforms1.htm

S.P.I.C.E stands for Supporting Provider In Childcare Environments

Wondering what the current hourly rate is for ECE workers in a daycare centre and if it is common to provide healthcare benefits. Also, what are the average daycare rates these days for before/after school care and full-time Toddlers/Preschool children?

This question is largely based on where you are located and the competition. Is the centre for profit or non-profit? Non profit centres receive grants to help subsidize wages and their wages are largely based on these grants and their income from fees.

Contact the Region in which you work to see about average fees. They will have this type of information as they are responsible for fee subsidy. They can give you an idea of the competition and you can set your fees accordingly.

There is a wonderful publication in the GTA put out by Umbrella Central Daycare Services, http://www.umbrelladaycare.com/, that is based on responses from local daycare's from Toronto, York Region, Peel and Durham. Copies are given free to those who participate in the survey, copies can also be purchased from Umbrella. The information is broken down by geographical area.

If you are not from this area, you are going to have to do some foot work. Ask around as to rates/fees. Some centres will give this info freely, others will not.

Larger centres are more likely to be able to afford benefits for employees as it is more cot effective to purchase these types of things in greater numbers. Smaller centres, in my experience, often have to skimp on wages to afford benefits and many employees (mostly married women with husbands who have benefits already) prefer the higher wage.

Opening a daycare. I know it's hard to put an exact timeline on this, but realistically, how long do you think the whole process will take, assuming there are not alot of improvements to be made, if I'm wanting to open up for September 2010? Guess I'm asking when I should sign the lease...

Sorry for the delay. Took a month off to have a new baby. No we are back on track.

This question is nearly impossible to answer. It depends on how backed up your program advisers, fire dept and public health dept are too. Part of the problem with Sept. openings are everyone is on vacation for 2 months prior to your opening when you need appointments. We ran into the same problem and opened 2 months late as a result. I would give yourself a buffer if the Sept start is written in stone. I would suggest a 4 month window at least.

Good luck.

I am starting looking into opening up a daycare centre and am wondering in what order things need to happen? I received the information package from MYCS yesterday, but am not sure what needs to happen first. I know the location I want, it was an existing daycare centre and the space is now for lease. My question is do I apply for the license first or secure the location with the realtor? I certainly don't want to start paying rent before I know this can all happen... Help please!

Sadly, this is where there is a big gamble. You will need your space ready for children to walk in the door before MYCS will give you the time of day. You can fill in all your paperwork and send it back, however you will not get your final inspection until you have had your public health inspection and your fire inspection. Make sure to plan accordingly your time schedule. If public health comes in and demands a list of improvements, these will need to be completed and reinspected before MYCS comes out for your final.
I say if you have a copy of the DNA and all the licensing requirements, as well as the fire code and public health requirements, take them to a walk through of the space you are considering. If you are confident the space will pass and or require minimal alterations (since it was already a daycare, assuming it was licensed, it should be fairly close to passing inspections), then go ahead and sign your lease. Get floor plan drawn up and complete all your paperwork.
Get public health in ASAP to get their advice and get started on any improvements they require. These can be time consuming. Create your fire plan or alter the plan the existing centre used if it is available. Ensure all your extinguishers are up to date and functioning. Check all your smoke detectors and replace all batteries. This inspection is fairly easy if you take an hour or two to make sure everything is functioning and your plan is safe and feasible in all weather conditions etc.
Good luck, opening a new centre is a lot of hard work but so rewarding. Please let us know how it turns out!

I am interviewing for a cook at a childcare centre with age groups from 6 weeks to 5 years. I am searching for interviuew questions for a cook. Can anyone help.

Here is an article written on your topic. I hope it helps. http://www.askanece.com/for-teachers/interview-daycare-cook

We always ask candidates to bring a menu plan for one weeks worth of AM/PM snacks and lunches for the age groups we serve, as well as the budget for that menu. I have found over the years that this is VERY important. We have gotten some incredible menu ideas, however some are simply not feasible on a daycare budget or can not be made in quantity and on time in a daycare setting. Make sure these candidates are realistic about the time budget and space they will have at their disposal. Working in a restaurant with a large budget and unlimited ingredients as well as gourmet appliances is likely not the same as the kitchen space you have available.
It is always good to ask a few questions about adaptability. Make sure the cook can easily alter a lunch for a child who must have soy milk instead of 2% for an example. Ensure they are flexible enough that, in an emergency, they could alter a lunch if they are needed for staff coverage at a moments notice or if products they ordered are not in stock.
We now call our cook position "kitchen manager" and it really fits. They are responsible for everything from food orders menus public health inspections and meal prep. A good kitchen manager will ake the pressure off the administration in a number of ways and really keeps a daycare running smoothly.

I in the middle of career transition. One of my goals is to open up a Day Care Facility. I don't have any certification in relations to Day Care Management but I always enjoy taking care of children. Where do I start? What type of certifications or licenses do I need to acquire to pursue my goal.

Great question.
I need to know more information about where you are located in order to answer properly. I can answer based on criteria for Ontario and I have experts on the board across Canada. I can do research for areas outside of Canada once I know where you are writing from.
To start, there is a great thread here: http://www.askanece.com/forum/2008-11-18/opening-your-own-daycare with some info on starting your own child care centre. There is also a lot of great information here: http://childcarelearning.on.ca/prospective_operator/orientation-package-...
Best of luck, it is a very rewarding career.

Hi i have a question... I am now attention school for ece and i graduate in January. I just did my background check for school and it came back that i have a mistermeanor back in 2003 ..something stupid i did when i was eighteen. I was wondering if that can effect me in getting a job after i graduate?

I suppose it would depend on what you did and where you were applying. Every centre will require a criminal record check to secdure employment. Most centres use thier discretion as to the results. I have worked at a few centres that took it on a case by case basis. Some centres have had a zero tolerance policy. I once had an amazing candidate turned down for an unpaid speeding ticket. Personally, I do not feel something like a speeding ticket in ones distant past has any bearing on what sort of educator you are. However, each centre will have thier own policy. All you can do is be honest, try your best and wow them in the interview and hope they will look past your little indiscretion. Good luck.

how i cam prepare for job interview. Thanks

This is a great question. I have met a lot of potential employees that may be fantastic educators, however their interview skills were lacking.

I posted an article with some questions I typically ask. Make sure to have answers to these types of questions or something similar in your mind. If I ask what your strongest qualities are, I am looking for someone who can answer with conviction and confidence. I tend to lose faith in people who can not even tell me what they are good at. Be proud of your hard work and be willing to share your successes and failures with me. If you had an activity that didn't work out, tell me and let me know how you adapted and continued with your day. That is a sign of a great educator. Someone who is flexible and can adapt.

I have two major pet peeves in interviews: People showing up late and people who tell me they got into early childhood education because "they didn't know what else to take" or because "they are going to go to teacher's college once they save up". Be on time and at least pretend you enjoy your work and want the job. I do not want to feel like you will just be putting in time at my centre before you move on to bigger and better things.

Even if not asked, bring samples of your program planning or portfolio. This shows me you have initiative and shows me your creativity and what sort of work i can expect from you in the future. I will often ask candidates to bring a weekly program plan on a theme I have picked. Candidates who do not bother to put in the effort will not be considered. I want to see what new creative ideas you can bring to my staff team.

Most of all, be yourself. Good luck!


Hi my name is David Jenkins Im married for 22 years w/ a 18 and 21 year old kids/ one year and a half old grandson. I have always wanted to do a day care and at this time Im able to do this and I know I would be great at it. But the big rock in the way is that Im a male. My wife works full time and Im looking to get out of construction and really really want to do this but all the things I have been reading lead me to believe that this would not work for parents would have bad ideas about a man doing this. And I do see there point at first. It just seems sad that I have the means to do tihs but because of some who have a backwords view of it will keep me from doing this. Can I get some insight on this and let me know if this would be worth for me to ever do this. Thank you for your time. stacy.jenkins@comcast.net

I think you could definitely make a go of this career if you are passionate, however you would likely need to watch children you know first and get a few references. Sadly, some people probably will overlook you because you are a male. Perhaps you could attend a few courses, local homecare groups etc and get your name out there? Have a chance to tell your story and get to know you. Can you volunteer with local groups to get to know area families that might be in need of care? Perhaps knowing you first will help in getting familes to give you a chance. I wish you the best of luck, it's a great career choice!

I am considering opening up my own nursery school. I was wondering if someone could give me more ideas about how I would go about doing this. I learned about early childhood administration in college, but it has been a few years. Could someone give me some basic steps to move in the right direction?

Thank you for joining! I have started a thread in our forum section to deal with your question. This will allow other experts on our site to add their 2 cents and have you fill us in a little bit more with your plan.
Where are you located and what sort of building are you looking at? Will you be building form scratch or remodeling an existing building? Let's chat in the forum section!


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i just graduated from Early childhood Education Apprenticeship at Seneca college and got my ECE Diploma I was just wondering when the school of early childhood education will be getting ECE's to pay for being a registered ECE i think they said it was going to cost 125 dollars is this true

It is true and it has already started! If we register by Jan. 31, the government will cover the registration fee ($75) and we will only have to pay the $150 yearly fee. So it is definitely worth registering earlier, then later.

Full information, as well as a downloadable application form are available here: http://www.collegeofece.on.ca/main.php?page_id=37&main_page=2

i want to know what do i need to do if i want to run a home daycare. I have my E.C.E and have over ten years experience. I want to only take in 5 children which i believe is under the limit to be required to have a license. But can i still make it a business and get a business name and business # to bring in house hold deductables when it comes time for income taxes.

It would definitely help to know where you are located. There are different rules in different states/provinces. Here is a great site (http://www.daycareresource.com/startyourowndaycare.html) to start with. Lots of books you can order to get yourself started.
I would highly recommend creating a business plan, even if you are not applying for a business loan. There are many free online programs to create your own.
I would also call your regional office and ask about the rules as they pertain to home daycares in your area. Some areas require you to be licensed which will involve some permits and inspections before you get started. Some regions do not require providers to be licensed.
Let me know where you are from and I can research some contacts in your area.

Hi There, I own my own early learning centre yet do not have my ece dimploma...I read something about an aprenticeship program you can do while working full time...my goal would be to replace my current director which has the qualifications but not much else...do you know of any accelerated programs for owners...online courses etc that would enable me to be the director of my own centre? Please advise Kind regards, Alex SOrry I wrote before about owning my own childcare centre yet not having my ece. I would like to replace my director who has their ece but not the other qualities required to run a centre. Is there an accelerated program that could allow me to work full time and take the course...a special owners accreditation process? Where would I find the apprenticship course website for something like this. Please advise. afell99@yahoo.com Thanks

I think your goal is a great one. Why pay someone else to do what you can do yourself? In Ontario, Seneca College offers an apprenticeship program that you can do part time while working full time http://www.senecac.on.ca/ece/ecef/. I know there are classes at Newnham Campus (Finch/404) and satellite classes in Durham Region. The training is great, but it takes a long time to get your diploma. If you are not located in the GTA, Loyalist College (Belleville) offers their entire ECE diploma via distance education http://www.loyalistcollege.com/programs-and-courses/online-distance-educ.... A great option to accelerate your learning if you have the time/discipline to take multiple classes at once and continue working. George Brown College offers a daycare management post diploma course, but you would require your ECE diploma to enroll.
If you are located outside of Ontario, let me know where you are and I can dig a little deeper into options in your area.
Keep in mind that to get Ministry Approval to be a Supervisor in Ontario, you need a diploma and 2 years experience. Would you be able to promote one of your qualified staff to "supervisor", still have them count in ratio and be on the floor, but do some admin work for you a couple of hours a week? They can be the required supervisor and you can still be the Owner/Director? Another option would be to apply to the Ministry for Director's approval while you take ECE courses based on your experience. It's a stretch, but never hurts to try.
I am glad you mentioned "accredited courses", please beware of career colleges that offer early childhood diplomas. Not all are accredited with the Ministry (diploma must be from an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology) and you could walk away with a very expensive and worthless diploma after all your hard work.
Good Luck!