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Helping children deal with grief?

One of the parent's at our centre is terminally ill. Does anyone have any advice/good books on helping kid's deal with grief? This will be very difficult as the boy's lives revolve around their mother. They are both quite young. Almost 3 and 6.

ohhh this is soooo sad I can't think of any books at the moment, sorry . I'll try to get back to you with something.

I will be important to talk with them. Let them talk and drawing will also be a big thing

My heart goes out to them.

I wish I had something but I've never dealt with this before. let me ask around and see if I can come up with any resources.

thoughts/prayers to the family

The only book that always come to my mind when I think of this situation is "La lueur du matin" which is Morning light. I cried while reading this book. It is well written. In this story, it's about a mom that is dying from Aids, but it is adapt for every scenario. Maybe you could look into this, and see if it can help you.

this is the picture of the book http://www.jump.co.za/product/morning-light-margaret-merrifield-et-al-3217012.htm

Thank you so much Kappi! My staff and I are attending a seminar tonight on dealing with grief in children. I will write an article with the info I collect this week. We are going to be purchasing some books for the daycare on this topic just to have in case. I will look in to this one in particular.

Sadly we just found out yesterday another parent from our centre has passed away. Her children were 5 & 6. We are all in shock. I am glad I took the grief course in Jan., even if it was in preparation for what I thought would be another event. I would be happy to send out information from this seminar to anyone working in a child care centre who might need it. Hopefully it is not something we will ever have to deal with again.

Sadly, the parent I originally posted about passed away on Tuesday. The funeral is today. we saw the boys at daycare yesterday and they were holding up really well. I am sure there will be some tough times ahead, but it was good to see them keeping to a routine and holding up quite well under the circumstances.

I'm so sorry to hear Andrea. I would love information on the subject and hope I never need to use it. We do have books on site on the subject. Knock on wood...been doing this since 1986 and haven't had to deal with it.

I have this info filed away since 2009, but I will dig it out and send it over.