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ECE Pet Peeves

There is so much information on this site that is so important, I thought I'd throw this in on a lighter note...as an ECE, what pet peeves do you have about working in the field? About parent? coworkers? Supervisors? Here are some of mine to get the ball rolling (and in no pasrticular order):

1. Families arriving 15-30 minutes before opening. Sure they can "wait outside" but let's face it, it's stressful getting the room setup in the morning knowing that they are waiting for you.

2. Children who are frequently brought in sick. Parents, please, we know you need to work, but you are just going to keep the ilness going in the centre and when little Johnny has 3 vomitting episodes in the next 2 hours, we're going to call you to pick him up anyway.

3. Petty arguements amongst teachers. Ok, in a perfect worl, your centre would have 5 teachers just like you and everything woulf be rosey. Well guess what, it's not going to happen. Every teacher, good (or not as good) has their own style. If you want everything to go exactly like it should every day, become an accountant - other than that, appreciate your co-workers diversity and creativity.

4. Consistently late parents - need more be said? Parents...paying the late fee does not justify being late. I don't want your $5 late fee. I want to go home to my family.

I look forward to see what others add!

Great post!!!

The sick kids pet peeve is a big one for me too. Sorry mom and dad but we know you gave Johnny a mega dose of Advil before you dropped him off when 4 hours later the kid is a mess.

What about parents who arrive on time, but don't leave??? We love you parents, we really do, but at 6pm we are off the clock and it's time to tidy up, lock the doors and head home to our families.

My pet peeve is parents who get upset about their children being outside when it is apprently too cold/hot for them... Children who are dressed for the weather love outside time no matter the weather. We are aware of the temp's and we do know when is a good time to be out and when not.

Definetly agree with the parents coming in on time but then talking on and on about things we dont really care to hear about... especially when they get to the daycare at 5:45 and stand there till 6pm when we are suppose to be closed and you find yourself trying to hint at them by putting your jacket on or your shoes and they just dont seem to get it... lol I want to go home not stand here and listen to you talk about something that has 1 nothing to do with your child, and 2 doesnt interest me for one minute

...another would be parents in the process of separating and trying to get day care staff involved in their personal issues.

Absolutely, staff have been called to testify in family court on more then one occasion. Very tough situation to be put in.

1. When parents become upset because the little one got some (fill in the blank here) on her new really really expensive blouse!

2. Parents that don't pay their bill (try getting groceries at the store without paying).

3. Families who have figured out the "system" and get full subsidy.

4. The child who is here 5 days a week every single day and puts in more hours than the staff. Breaks my heart.

5. Intimidating staff. Lazy staff. Know-it-all staff. I don't change diapers staff. I don't clean staff. For the record, I've got NONE of these!